Antique Silver Cruet Set

‘The Silver Chest'

A Stunning Art Deco Silver Cruet Set

London 1929, made by A.J. Zimmerman

Weight: 3.7 ozt. / 116 grms.

(Silver weight)


Height: 7 cms. / 2.75 ins.

Length: 5.5 cms. / 2.3 ins.

Width: 4 cms. / 1.6 ins.

Open Salt

Height: 3 cms. / 1.2 ins.

Width: 4 cms. / 1.6 ins.


Height: 7.5 cms. / 3 ins

Width: 2.5 cms. / 1ins.

If you are into Art Deco then these are for you. You would be hard pushed to do any better – there quite small but then some of the best things come in small packages. They are absolutely classic, pure, architectural, alternative and decorated as you would expect with the ubiquitous engine turning. All three pieces are in superb condition the only fault I can find are two tiny chips in the outside of the mustard liner, and unless you take it apart to inspect it they cannot be seen. The hallmarks are all clear an distinct and the spoons are imposters, but silver - what use is a cruet set without spoons, for goodness sake! They would fit perfectly into a modern setting and look contemporary - I absolutely love them. Ref. 308.

‘The Silver Chest’


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