Antique Silver Plate carving set henry birks & sons

Antique Sterling Silver carving set henry birks & sons
Excellent condition really nice this looks great-----Vintage silver plate carving set from a nice local estate--the lady who owned this was in her 50's and said this belonged to her grandmother---so I am calling this early 1900s I am not sure---this is a nice fish serving set------labeled "Henry Birks & Sons Limited,Goldsmiths and Silversmiths" inside the original display box----------knife is 12 1/2" long and 2" across at the widest point of the blade---fork is 4 tines with 10" length and almost 2" wide across the silver tines-----set is the knife and fork-------Hallmarked in several places-----'Unique trademark" is printed on the box-----"primus" and "HBS" on the knife blade---4 different hallmarks on the silver between the bone handle and blade,hard to read,but t is a "lion" t----same hallmarks on the fork----------bone handles look nice,the knife handle looks like it has a couple of light wear spots at the very base,the fork has a few small wear spots at its base as well---the silver on both pieces look really nice,I dont see any damage---nice intricate scoll designs on the silver---the knife weighs approx 7 oz and fork 5.4 oz,that is with the handles of course--these are very nice quality pieces-------the original box has its top id mark

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