Antique Silver Plate Order Of Garter Emblem / Badge/ Thing

EXCELLENT condition. NO damage. I believe that it is silver plated 4" h 3 1/4" w. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! I can not possibly know all about everything so ANY QUESTIONS ASK!!! My 1 neg feedback. VERY old $14.00 unused model kit, At the bottom of the box the bidder found a couple small pieces that had been started that I did not notice. I offered full refund without question the very second the bidder made me aware but it was not good enough for him so he left derogatory remarks removed by ebay. IMPORTANT---- PLEASE READ ALL.......SORRY BUT NO FREE SHIPPING!!!! Email me your zip code or country for the shipping cost options to your area. 99% of shipments are USPS at only my cost at the carrier. I DO NOT rip off on shipping.....I ship the cheapest but safest way possible.......I do not state in most listings what shipping will be because there are many variations, USPS 1st class/USPS priority? UPS/Overseas etc and rates for diffrent areas very greatly. EXAMPLE....A 2 lb item shipped priority to Ohio may be 5.95, to the west coast Priority 11.55 parcel post 9.64. I pack well, only 2 claims in well over 1200 shipments, but INSURANCE is ADVISED, uninsured is TOTALLY AT YOUR RISK, things can happen and I can not will not be in anyway responsible for how a shipper may mishandle a package. ...........INTERNATIONAL shippment, NO problem. Just ... read more