Antique Silver Tea & Coffee Pots Tray Set Late 1890's


This 6 piece Antique Silver set was passed down

generation by generation through our family.

We can trace it back to the late 1890's / early 1900's time frame,

but that's w we are unsure if this set could even be 'older' than we think.


Tray / Platter (21.5 X 15 inches)

Sits about 2 inches off table with 4 decorative feet


Coffee / Tea Pitchers

(with hinge attached lids)

10in & 8in tall


Sugar Bowl

(with detatch lid)

5.5 tall X 6.5 wide


Cream Pitcher

4.5in tall x 4.5in across top from hadle to lip


Note: Silver is shown as unpolished to show the true antique silver look. It polishes up beautiful.