Antique Silver Topped Walking Stick / Cane ( Chinese ? )

Antique Cane

Silver Topped

There are no visible markings to establish age or origin

The top has a lot of wear on it,

and very small indentations presumably where the marks were on the bottom of cap

The cane measures 34 1/2" long

Made from very stout wood ( I think it is cane ),

it is not circular it has a peaked type section that runs the whole length

Sorry to be so vague I do not know a lot about canes

( I found one very similar on Ebay listed as Wang Hing )

And also one listed very similar within a set of four at Christie,s


If anyone could help me identify it, it would be greatly appreciated

For further pictures or details

Thank you for looking

Dear cesdeal,
If the cane has a clearly defined ridge, it's made of Malacca cane from the Far East. Hope this is of help.

- timeballdavid