Antique SINGER Drawer Key ~ Treadle Sewing Machine Old For Center & Side Drawers

This is an Antique Square ended Key For Singer Treadle sewing Machines from late 1800's -early 1900's . it operates the drawers on the side , center drawer & coffin top .it is 2 1/2" long the tip is appx 1/8" square & slightly tappered .I tested it on my Singer red eye treadle & it worked great .it will also work on machines by Willcox & Gibbs + wheeler & wilson that have square shape locks . if you look in the key hole of your treadle drawers & see a small square this should work for you . Now your Machine will be complete . If you have a treadle made by White you need a triangular shape Key I have one listed seperatly . some Singer treadles like ones made out of Walnut instead of Oak used a Flat key if you look in the key hole it would look like a slot like a flat screwdriver instead of square ( I have one listed seperate ). S & H to 50 states is $1.45 .Thanks for looking / Bidding ! I also Have a White Key Listed