is a beautiful example of Americana. This is a 1904 Singer Model 27 vibrating shuttle sewing machine with the beautiful Sphinx decals. Hard to believe it is 104 years old! Serial number is B319816 and it was made in 1904 in Elizabethport, New Jersey. Now this is a treadle head machine and you will need to provide a treadle to put it in so if you have an old doggie worn looking Singer in a nice treadle, it's time for a swapout. OR (and this is a big OR), if you want to electrify this machine and make it a portable, I can help you on that too.
The person who does a Buy It Now for this machine will have the option to purchase it as a treadle head only for the Buy It Now price or for an additional $25, I will include a case, light, motor and foot control - all installed and shipped together. These items were all on this machine when purchased but the motor was bad so I figured it would be best to return this beauty to treadle service. But I can understand if you prefer it to be electrified so I repaired and rewired the motor. Note: This machine cannot be hand cranked by the addition of a reproduction hand crank - it does not have a motor boss to attach the hand crank. The motor that came with it was attached by bracket to the back of the pillar with two screws.
This model Singer, despite being 104 years old still uses needles
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