Antique Skull Relic for a Rosary - Just Arrived!

We never know when another of these rare relics will turn up again, and then after months of waiting, one or two arrive from one of the convents we work with in Peru . These little skulls were placed on a nun's rosary as an ever present reminder of their mortality. You could say they were used to help focus when a nun was in silent prayer or meditating.

To attach the skull to the rosary, a hole was drilled through the top of the skull down to its base. Then a doubled up silver wire in the shape of an up side down "U", would be inserted to make a bail on the top of the skull. Our previous auction winners have had their dentists drill the hole, as these have been in storage at the convents museum annex and have never been used.

These pieces are each made of carved bone and are 200 or more years old. We were only sent a few for auction and then t will be no more.

The one you are bidding on is considered a medium size at 1.25 inches from the top of the skull to the chin. The carving is exceptional and the patina original to the piece.

Good luck bidding!

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