Antique Solid Wood Americana T TEA CART SERVER RARE

Antique Solid Wood Americana TEA CART SERVER

Own a true piece of history!

Early wagon style serving cart.

Crafted in the Grand Rapids by the same company that made stage coaches came this western style teacart. A beautiful relic kept pristine by the mere fact that it was virtually never used! This was found in a room never used along with several other time capsule items, all suffering from little more than a thick layer of dust and some much needed cleaning and polishing. After which a teacart emerged that was truly amazing! Just to realize that virtually everything on this cart is made of wood, except the front, small wheels. The only metal I could find was in the small square brackets that connect the wheel posts to the legs itself and the brace that holds the push handle in place. These wooden wheels by the way are all with no damage and virtually no ware. The large wheels have a recessed rubber belt around the outside edge like a quarter inch tire with wood on both sides.

The finish is more golden than most of the teacarts I have seen. This is a more natural color. T is a cute but strong drawer on one end. The opposite side has a lift up handle to pull or push the teacart around. When the handle is lifted up, it stays on itâÂeÂ(tm)s own. Because of a small metal flexible brace which applies
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