I will be listing a number of antique Zulu heavily beaded items. I have no idea what this item was used for, maybe a part of clothing. If anyone does please advise. I believe this item have good age given the type of beads and brass buttons. They would be considered trade beads both mostly seed which were traded between the Arab Nations and South Africa Natives. The backing appears to be a type of wool with stitching of cotton. This piece had very old brass tinklers or buttons to close item however only one of two are left. This piece is 32" in length. Each coil is about approximately 1/2" in diameter making it 1" wide . The beads that form the edging are not uniform in shape, different sizes and more primitive than the seed beads. There is also a sash at one end which if 4 1/2" long by 2 1/2" wide. In the sash there is damage that needs to be repaired. The coil also has about 1/2" where beads are missing. Given the age this small damage is inevitable and could be restored. I have taken 8 pictures to better describe this item. I combine items for shipping. Shipping is determined once the item has sold. If anyone wishes to know exact shipping costs prior to the item being sold please email. As this item is being shipped from Canada it is impossible to determine exact shipping until the item is packaged. I pack only once item is sold ... read more