Antique Spanish Colonial 1750-1800 Lance Spear Point

This forged iron Spanish Colonial spear-lance point 15 in. long, dating to the late-1700s. Typically used by presidio soldiers in the Southwest, NM, and AZ. It would have been attached to a 7-9 ft. wooden shaft. Obviously the wood portion would break and was easily replaced. Steel weapons and equipment were difficult to obtain and expense in Mexico's early Spanish-Colonial period. A lance point like this was used for killing game and self-defense. In fair condition.. heavly pitted but in solid shape for a piece of this age and rigorous use . A spear point like this would have possible ended up as an Indian trade item once it was obsolete to the Spanish. Selling this item without a reserve, and no returns. Study the pictures before bidding, and ask question if you are unclear about anything. We described things as best we can but we are not experts in every field. You may know more about the item then we do. You are the judge as to quality and value.