Auction for very rare Spiritualist book Our Noted Workers .

Jan. 1. 1895, by Jennie Hagan Jackson, pub. Dean printing, Grand Rapids Engravings. 6” x 7” x ½”. see scan 2 for photo of Jennie.

First and only edition of a Spiritualist who’s who, featuring 84 pages of photographs, caption biographies explaining each Medium’s specific Spiritual gifts, personal quotes, editorial, literary contribution and Church affiliation with location.

The book is a wonderful treasure of information featuring well known, lesser known, little known and obscure Spiritualists. The book has very good photos of each medium and the quotes underneath the photos are important since they are directly from the medium and represent their personal beliefs. For Spiritualist Historians this is a great visual reference book because it puts faces to the names of the mediums written about in the 19th Century Spiritualist publications. The book also introduces potentially new people and terms that were popular in the day providing a clearer and deeper glimpse into the phenomena and it's mediums.

The bio captions also list their Spiritualist work; most of them were involved with the phenomenon feature of 19 th Century Spiritualism.


Dr. Jas. V. Mansfield , Ipswich , Mass. “ Spirit Postmaster for over 25 years
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