Antique St Andrews Society Medal Badge - Tiffany & Co

St Andrews Society of New York Badge Award Medal - Signed & Numbered - made by Tiffany & Co

This antique society medal is very historic and also comes with the original box. I will do my best to describe the medal below.

Great historical piece for the collector of society memorabilia!

Box included. I have seen these medals before and they are always sterling silver. I cannot find a silver or gold marking but this one appears to be a Gilt Gold over Silver is my guess.

Obverse: Has a standing robed man in center with blue enameling around that with the Latin words " NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT " and a beautiful border that looks like Scottish Thistle with a royal crown at medal top. Ribbon is a grey or very light color.

Reverse: Says " The Saint Andrews Society Of The State Of New York " and then inscribed to T. Donald Tod and numbered 323 and then Established 1756 and marked Tiffany & Co Makers at very bottom.

Please always judge for yourself by looking at pics provided as I am not a coin or medals grader.

Good Luck Everyone!

Weight: 39 Grams

Composition: Gold Gilt over silver or bronze (My guess as it is gold in color)

Dimensions: 4" long from top of ribbon to base of medal *(Medal itself is 1-1/2 inches oval shaped)

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