Antique Staffordshire Black Uncle Tom Chloe Memorabilia

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Antique English Staffordshire Black Uncle Tom & Chloe


Just arrived from England, an extremely unique and highly collectible PAIR of antique English Staffordshire figurines with hand-painted names on the base~
~ “Uncle Tom” and “Aunt Chloe”~

I think they make a fabulous decorative accent….and a fine addition to collections of English Staffordshire and/or black historic memorabilia……it is extremely rare to find black figures….this is the first set I’ve ever seen in many, many years and thousands of Staffordshire pieces!!

Of course I primarily sell English furniture and just by the nature of my business I see A LOT of Staffordshire, but normally refrain from purchasing it. However I couldn’t resist this unusual pair!! I’ll describe them as best I can and welcome any questions ~ Both have hand painting, decorated with black, red, white and gold. Uncle Tom has textured hair, sometimes referred to as “coleslaw” pottery and both have painted faces. The names are hand painted in gold on the base of each. All of the painting has wear and fading, as to be expected over time and each has crazing.

Measurements :

Uncle Tom, 8 ½”H x 4” x 2 ½” approximate measurements;

Aunt Chloe,
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