Antique Stanley #5 Hand Plane Iron Caps, lot of 10

Thisand other hand tools and tool parts up for auction come from a recentlydiscovered closet full of tools from Denver's East High School and the old Manual Training High School, and date as far back as the 1880's. They are being sold to raise money for the East High School Wood Tech program. You are purchasing this product in "as found" condition, meaning the only thing I've done is document them, sometimes taking them apart to photograph and clean the dust out. I do my best to describe the tools and parts, but I am not an expert or a collector, and if you know something I don't, or if you find I've made a mistake, or if you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact me for information and corrections. Thanks for all the help given already by collectors! If you are a collector, a hand-tool enthusiast, or a restorer, these tools are for you!
ITEM: Stanley #5 Plane Iron Caps, lot of 10
AGE: These all have the blued steel backing, and so they at least date to the 1930's, I think. Consisitent with the planes we found with them, I would date these to between 1900 and 1915.
RUST AND CONDITION ISSUES: Most have very little to no rust; several have some minor spots which will be easily removed. A few show signs of wear, such as dinged edges or a few scratches; some appear to never have been used at all. One has a
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