Antique Sterling Knive This one i really dig!

I've been garage and estate saleing and estate liquidating for about 20 years. Certain things that i have found i have been too busy/lazy to deal with so I've thrown them in boxes and forgotten about them. Such is the case with smaller amounts , random pieces of flatware, both sterling and otherwise. Well-recently i realized that i needed to create some cash so i looked around for something to liquidate and the "sterling box" got the call. SO- i spread all the flatware and other related pieces out and began trying to group them into groupings that made any sense, I got a flatware book, a loop and about 30 big envelopes and created these next 30 lots that i hope to list over the next 2 days. I tried to take the most useful pictures i could to make up for my own lack of knowledge in this area. I'll tell you what if anything is marked on them0if i can read it-or at least what it looks like--of course t are a million symbols that i cannot face learning just for this process so hopefully my close-up pics will help. If i found what i think is a pattern name i will include it but remember that i could be wrong. Please search my seller name to see what else i have because t could be some hidden gems that you will see. If any of my groupings are wrong or infuriating for any reason i apologize in advance--just bid accordingly and most of all ... read more