Antique Sterling Silver & Gold Spanish Colonial Chalice

Historical Background:

Between 1790 and 1810 the Catholic Parishes in the Vasque Country of Spain (in a desperate effort to stop a French Invasion), donated all of their locally made silver and gold holy vessels, to fund a Militia. Works of art were melted down and lost to history, except for a few taken out of Spain by Catholic refugees fleeing the invasion.

That geographic region between France and Spain was the âeoecradleâe of the finest Church silversmithing in Europe at the time; and hallmarked pieces from silversmiths active in the provinces of Alava, Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia before 1810, are highly sought after by private collectors and Museums.

You are bidding on one of those rare pieces.


We can speak with some authority about the provenance and condition of this Chalice because it has been in our family since it traveled from Urrestilla , Spain to Havana , Cuba with my mothers Great-Grandmother. Mom is 96 years old today and lives in Miami , Florida ; she has been its caretaker, and has asked me to auction it to help out the Carmelite Soup kitchens in Ayacucho and Cuzco , Peru . She has it in a Bank in Geneva , Switzerland . It will be shipped from t to the winning bidder; fully insured and at no cost. You may want to look at our feedback score and buyer comments before
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