This is a very old collectible unique beautifully made brooch (pin) by VG. It's made of sterling silver. It's authenticated by it's hallmarks. It has 2 hallmarks which are on back, on 2 raised circle scripted, stamped: " PORTUGAL STERLING VG(with letter VG on top of each other in center). The other circle reads: "REG.3469". It's a nice size and heavy (solid for a filigree pin). It measures: 2 inches tall,1 1/2 inches across (from leaf end to the other) and about 2/3 inches thick.It has tarnish due to very old age. Some collectors prefer non-polished on such old pieces. Personally, I prefer the unique old non-polished look, especially on this piece. It's in excellent condition and highly collectible.

Invest in this very beautiful brooch and appreciate the compliments as it's antiquity value increases over time.

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