Antique STONE or bush HAMMER head

Up for auction is a multi bladed metal hammer used to shape stone. It has a series of eight flat blades bolted in each side. A previous owner has painted it red and inserted an inappropriate handle. T are a series of numbers on the side plates. A âeoe3âe on one side and âeoe24356âe on the other. T could be a makerâe(tm)s mark below the red paint on the bolt head side of the hammer. The head is 8 3/8âe wide, 3 ¼âe high and the bolts holding the parts together are 2 ½âe long. The handle and red paint are not original. This item is very similar to #6, page 82 of Baird & Comerfordâe(tm)s The Hammer book called as a Scotia Patent Bush Hammer. The item weighs 7 lb. 8 oz. TM