THIS IS AN OLD STONEWARE MOONSHINE JUG, 5-12-11 revision, i found a cork to fit it so i added it and put up a new pic, first 2 are with the cork.
it says cc jug camp cooley ranch 85 proof half gallon kentucky straight bourbon whiskey distilled and bottled for bert wheeler beverage stores, inc. houston, texas on the back it is stamped bottled by meadow sprimes distillery co meadowlawn, kentucky and the bottom is stamped liquor bottle 11-d16 it doesn't smell like it's held whiskey, it looks pretty new to me.
10'' tall by approx 6'' acrosss weighs 3 lbs 11 ounces no cork, i have one if you really want one to go with it, let me know this item being sold as is, no returns, but it is what is is, see pics, no pics ? than i was having trouble up loading them and will keep trying.
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