Antique Stoneware Yelloware Turkish Islamic Persian Art Pottery Bottle Vase OLD!

This is an extremely old, unique and outstanding piece of art pottery made in the Middle East. It is made of a thick durable stoneware material that highly resembles yelloware. This piece could easily be used as a vase, however, it's original intent was to be a bottle. This is a good size piece with a square four sided shape. It holds 36 ounces comfortably. This was a very primitively made utilitarian piece which has much pitting and roughness to the glaze. I have listed it as being made in the later half of the 19th century, however, based on my research, along with it's looks, it was very possibly made much earlier. Each of its four sides features a similar hand painted bird and floral design. Although all four of its sides are very similar in color and style, each actually has its own unique hand painted design. The top section was also painted in similar fashion with leaves and foliage. The very spout is surrounded with deep cobalt blue flowers. The entire exterior is covered with a very thick, drippy, oily, glossy glaze. This thick glaze is filled with tiny air bubbles. Each of its four sides and the entire top are outlined and separated in a very attractive shade of blue. This separation of sides really make the designs and whole bottle stand out. I originally thought this bottle was Japanese, simply because it's design.

As to the condition; There are no chips, cracks or damage of any kind. Of course there is age wear, some crazing and the bottom is stained. What may look like chips in the pictures are all areas that are covered over in its thick glaze. This was a very primitively made piece and does have a lot of pitting and roughness. All of this only adds more to its character of antiquity and authenticity. For its age, I would consider it in outstanding condition.

This is a nice size bottle measuring 7 7/8" or just under 8" high. It has a square shape. Of course, these sides are not perfectly symetrical as a factory piece would be. Each of its four sides measure approximately 3 3/4" across. This bottle is heavy for its size, weighing 2lbs 5oz.

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