Antique SWAINE Pottery Jug Dated from 1825-1846

Up for bid is a piece of SWAINE pottery that dates back to the early 1800's. We have had this jug in our family for approximately 50 years and its original owners were of prominence in the medical field in our town around the turn of the century. First of all, I am not a collector of pottery and know only what I have read about the SWAINE potters from research via the internet. I will describe it as best as I can and give reference that I have acquired The piece measures approximately 18 inches tall with an approximate measure of its base being 7 inches. At its widest point, the approximate measure is 10 inches. It is a rich brown in color and has the SWAINE mark imprinted at the top which can be seen in the pictures provided. At some point, the spout appears to have been re-glued. From my perspective which is only my opinion, this is a great piece of pottery. I don't know how to accurately assess the condition due to the age and nature of the spout re-glue, so I will leave that up to the new owners. Please email me before bidding if you have questions. I am selling this as is and as described.

The following is information I have been able to find:

âe~The Swaine Brothers Robert and Thomas were making black and brown stoneware in 1825âe¦brown stoneware sometime between 1825 and 1846. I found this information at the
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