Up for bids is wonderful War of 1812 antique sword that is approx: 200 years old. It was given to a doctor DR. Hillmer who was a physician in Siberia in the early 1900's. His son told me that it was a gift for services he made to a patient. I am being told that this sword was made well before 1830 and is an infantry officers sword and made in the USA. I just did some research myself and if you key in google AMERICAN EAGLE HEAD War of 1812 Sword it will show you a picture of it in its finest glory day. I know nothing about swords but I have been helped by generous Ebayers. THIS IS NOT A COPY OR A NEW SWORD It is GENUINE and authentic ANTIQUE PIECE OF HISTORY. You will see in the pictures that the handle was ivory or bone in its grander days. Approx: 30" from top of Eagle head to tip of blade. What an incredible piece of history. Comes with scarrab and appears to have most of its hardware and some straps or attachments. At over 200 years old and can only imagine what stories it could tell. If you would like to make me an offer I can and will consider it if t are no bids on it of course. Shipping is 45.00. Insurance is extra. If for any reason I can ship cheaper I'll be happy to refund some of the shipping charges. I am not to make money on shipping. Will go out UPS. Winners outside the USA no PAYPAL. You must pay by USA money order ... read more