ANTIQUE SZL Paris Etching "The Water Well" by Florence

For sale is an ANTIQUE original etching from SZL (aka Paris Etching Society) of "The Water Well" by an artist identified as "Florence".

The front has "Le Puits (Loiret)" (which means "the well", and Loiret is a region, and a river, in France) written in pencil in the margin under the picture proper. On the other side it is signed "Florence".

There is some water damage on the matting, pictured above.

The back has an informational sticker explaining the SZL stamp, etc. Under that is written "Wedding gift from Ma and Pa Jennings" in pencil. The back is a little rough, with the paper torn in places, as you can see from the picture.

The etching itself, however, is essentially pristine, and the frame is likewise in great antique shape.

The piece measures a little more than 19 x 23".

Thanks for looking! If you have any questions, please let us know.