Antique table knives, various makers

Antique table knives, some with real bone handles, as follows, being sold as a package:
4 - “A. Benetfink & Company, Cheapside.E.C.”, real bone handles with cracks in the handles, but still sturdy and intact.
4 - “Ward & Co. Y Not Sheffield” stainless steel blades, handles similar to bakelite table knives.
1 - “V R, Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Cutlers to Her Majesty” bakelite-like handle, bread & butter knife.
2 - “E R, Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Cutlers to His Majesty” bakelite-like handles, table knives.
1 - “Special Cavendish Brand, Butler REGd, Sheffield” bakelite-like handle, table knife.
1 - “IXL Geo. Wostenholm & Son, Sheffield - England” stainless steel blade, bakelite-like handle, table knife.
1 - “..... (unreadable) Britannia Co.” bakelite-like handle with Old English engraved “B”, table knife.
1 - “Sheffield Manufacturers Cutlery Co”, bakelite-like handle with cracks, bread & butter knife.
1 - “Henry Hobson & Sons Express, Sheffield” stainless steel blade, with possibly real bone handle with small diagonal knick in handle, bread & butter knife.
1 - “W & H Walker & Hall Silver Cutlers & Silversmiths, Sheffield”, real bone handle with cracks but intact, table knife.
1 - “Standard Silver Co Ltd, Toronto, Ont.” bakelite-like handle, table knife.