We recently acquired this great table top cream separator at a country estate auction ineastern Connecticut.

Overall it measures 19" long by 11" wide by 21" tall to the top of the milk supply hopper. The tin milk hopper is 9" in diameter and 6.5" deep. Beneath the supply hopper is a float that regulated the flow of milk down into the separator. The tin cream spout is next and the skim milk spout is on the bottom. T is a glass oiler for the main spindle. The separator contains 6 discs that look like stainless steel, but we aren't completely sure. The crank handle is woof with a great patina from age. The main drive gears are approximately 10" in diameter. T is a silver flower style decoration on the gear cover plate. The top of the drive gear cover is 5.75" above the table top. Note the gate mark on the main drive gear - a good indication that it was most likely manufactured before 1900 .

T is a label on it, but it's worn and we are not able to figure out who the manufacturer of this separator is, it could be a McCormick-Deering, but we're not sure.

Everything appears to be in very good condition. The gears move freely, and do not appear worn or damaged. T is some movement in the main spindle and we're not sure whether it is supposed to be that way or the bearing is worn. T is a very light coating of rust on
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