Antique Tabletop Alcohol-Gas Stove/Glogau & Co, Chicago

Antique Tabletop Alcohol-Gas Stove.

This stove is approximately 4 1/2" tall and 5" in diameter. It is made by "Glogau & Co., Chicago, USA". It is in good condition - a tiny bit of rust. The box is in poor condition, but it has a lot of interesting information on it, along with the directions - in English and Spanish. The front of the box has: "Glogau's Alcohol-Gas Stove, No. 75, New Model, 1912. Manufactures its own gas. Burns wickless, odorless and smokeless. It is the only Alcohol Stove best adapted for: Sick room, Incubators, Nursery, camp. . . . etc." Also in the box is a brochure in very good condition, that shows the other products made by the company: Aluminum Water Kettle, Curling Iron Holder, Aluminum Boiler, Safety Alcohol Decanter. NO RETURNS. Money orders, bank checks and PayPal accepted.