Antique Tambourine Unique Used By Gypsies LOOK! Nice!

Hi I have up for bid a wonderful antique item. This is a antique tambourine that was purchased at a estate sale. When I brought it up to the lady whom was in charge of purchases she informed me that this tambourine was used by a gypsie family, a very long time ago and that it was made in the late 1800's early 1900's. She informed me that this was used until the 1970's by some of the family members. This tambourine has colorful silk ribben attached still to the tambourine, though it is tattered and worn. the tambourine is very nice. It has a leather head which was made from intestines of cows or pigs. Has metal like rivets that keep the stretched leather on. Has a total of 6 little cymbal's around it one on top of each other for a total of 12 cymbals. I am not sure what kind of wood it is made of. On the underside you have a name of a Shirley Greenelle and then some faint pencil names written on the underside rim of the tambourine. This is a smaller tambourine size is 7 inches. This item if in very good shape. It has been loved and used for a very long time. But collectors like how it is original and not restored. Very nice item. No maker marks.

Winning bidder to pay by Paypal or money order. If a personal check is sent it will be held until cleared and then the item will ship. Payment expected within 7 days of close of auction.
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