Antique Teapot Sea Creatures Majolica Japan Banko Ware

Measuring 4" in height and 5 3/4" in width including spout, is this highly collectible teapot known as Banko Ware, a Japanese stoneware. Featuring a round teapot with abundant sealife forms of varying colors, textures and glazes. T is a lovely bright red lobster, one of the long feelers wraps to the opposite side of the pot. On its way, it forms a loop for one side of the wood handle to go through. The other side of the handle goes through a loop formed by the tail of a gray ray. T is also a purlpe crab, large and small pink scaled fish, a large bright yellow fish, and many other fish of different species, colors and textures. Dates to early 20th century. The only mark on the base is in pencil and reads Very Old. Thank you for viewing. Banko pottery wares have been produced since the nineteenth century both for the domestic market and for export. Banko ware comes usually as teapots and has charming designs of a peculiar style. Some Banko pottery is unglazed while others can be very colorful and abundantly decorated with sculpture-like high reliefs in very imaginative shapes. For hundreds of years, Banko ware teapots enjoy a strong following among those who drink tea. Not only because they add to the enjoyment of this beverage but also because these unassuming teapots take on a refined and distinctive luster with the passing years ... read more