Antique Teddy Bear

This was my (87 year-old) Mother's childhood teddy bear. It is very fragile, but adorable! The neck, arms and legs have movable joints. His "paw pads" seem to be make of felt and the left front paw has worn through to reveal that he is stuffed with what appears to be fine straw! (See photo.) His left arm is starting to separate form the body (see photo). All of the stitching I can see looks like hand stitching. HIs "fur" seems to be make of a rough velour material that has areas of wear. On the left leg, the fabric is darker - most likely a stain of some sort. HIs eyes are missing, but his ears, nose and mouth look very good for his age!
There are no tags or markings to indicate the manufacturer. I am no expert on antique toys, so please e-mail questions! Thank you!