Antique Telephone Glass Battery Jar Phone Part Battery

Antique Glass Telephone Battery


For your consideration two antique glass battery jars. They are the Laclede type. Both are made of clear glass and marked L.B. on the back side of the jars. These are at least 100 years old. I have cleaned them up for you and they are ready to be displayed in your two box telephone. Collectors enjoy seeing the wavy glass swirls in the glass and the old air bubbles. The batteries measures 4" X 4" and 7 1/2" high. They weigh from 3 pounds to 3 1/4 pounds each. The jar weight is 7 ounces and the electrode weighs around 1 pound 15 ounces each. Glass batteries were used in cabinets models, two box, tandems, and switchboards up to around 1905 when they started switching over to the dry cell type batteries. These have paper labels on them. One is "American Electric Telephone" and the other is "No 4 Laclede Battery". The labels are exact copies of an original mint jars from my collection. The museum quality labels were created by myself. I also made the center electrode as ninety percent of jars found today do not have the center electrode. The center electrode or metal rod would disintegrate in the acid bath. I believe you will like what I have done and they display quite well. I have recreated the center electrodes in three different styles that match the original ones quite
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