Antique Tibetan Chinese Dirk Knife Dagger & Sheath HORN COPPER SILVER STONES

~ Antique Tibetan Dagger ~
This is a unique knife with a fancy sheath made of several materials, including brass, silver, horn, copper and leather. It is adorned with 2 small turquoise stones set in repousse silver. The back of the sheath that supports the leather and forms the strap loop is made of hammered copper. There is an unidentified stone in the center set in a flower pattern on the band that wraps the top of the sheath. The knife handle is made of two materials that appear to be horn, with one side black (ebony?) and the other brown. They sandwich the blade tang which is fastened with two pins on each side. This is an old knife and there is wear, soiling, rust and patina. The thin leather strap broke when I was pulling the knife out of the sheath so it has a break. There are a couple of small bites out of the ebony side of the handle. The blade has rust and would need a cleaning and sharpening. The knife is approximately 8" long and overall it is 10.25" long when sheathed. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer.