Antique Tibetan Silver 4 Chinese Royal bullion Bars

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I am a big wholesaler in China, but I a newcomer to Ebay. As you know, China has long history around the world. All the products in my store are limited and some of them are made by hand. They are typical artwares of ancientry time, which represent the old chinese culture and are all valuable for investing.

I will not pursue much profit concerning this is my new started store. by, a gift, which will cost around USD 20, will be presented to you freely once you win the auction for the purpose of celebrating my new store. Meanwhile, the related shipping cost of every item in my store will decline for the purpose of complying Ebay's new DSR(Detail Seller Rating) policy and some items will be free for shipping . Moreover, the more products you buy, the more discount you will get and the more gifts you will get accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further more enquiries by my email, .

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Please look at the photos. it is really a artwork and worth collecting!!! You can make it as the gift for your Family members, yourself and friends. It will bless them forever. I am sure they will like it and understand
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