Antique Tools Rope Braider 1918 1897 Measuring Item?

are 3 items up for auction. I do not know what all of them are, but will descibe

them best I can. The one with the big wheel with hooks appears to braid string. It

looks like brass and is stamped 1918. It is not quite 5 inches long. The wooden handle

spins easily. T is a tightning screw so it looks like it can be tightened to fit a table

or vise grip while braiding.

The next has a big solid wood handle is engraved, but is hard to read. "The blank For All"

Then the pat # Sept 12-16 and then 8-05. The end of the tool end screws off. It is about

5 inches long.

The third too is marked L.S. Starrett Athol Mass. U.S.A. Pat April 19 1897. It is a little over

4 1/2 inches long. It has numbers around the center of the tool.

I do not know what these tools are, but I will try to answer your questions, or I can

add more photos.

Thank you for looking.