Antique Toy Robot

Plastic robot with tin feet and tin inserts. With a little bit of work this robot will operate. It is missing the back cover for the batteries. Under the right arm a piece is broken. The cover slides of easily, which is the way it was designed. I'm being honest and telling you everything I know about this toy because my feedback is more important to me than this toy is.

Out of United States 48states my bid as long as it is know that t is additional shipping

made in japan

out of country shipping $50.00 plus cost of robot paid before shipping , in united states $10.00 plus cost of robot paid before shipping thanks and good luck

10''.5 tall 4''.5 wide

with battiers light will work . i think the rest will work if u fix wiring .i think it is 1950's not for sure , it is made in japan i have never seen one like it before

This guy is called Ranger Robot and is made by Daiya, circa 1955-1956. It was also imported for a time under the Cragstan logo. Nice piece. I used to have one in my collection. Too bad about the body, happens with early plastic. Still nice to see. Hope you do well.

Ranger Robot is in good shape [one broken pc under right arm ] I cleaned the body up last night, and it cleaned up nice to be 50 + years old

I was told that this is a top line robot for collectors (by another
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