Antique Tucker Alarm Till - General Store Cash Drawer- Working condition

TUCKER "Alarm Till" Store Counter Cash Drawer Model 503, Lock #1
16 1/2" x 18 1/4" across x 4 7/8" high
Tucker & Dorsey M fg . Co., Indianapolis, USA
Established 1865
Working Lock and Alarm Bell
circa 1875 - 1876
Rare old "Alarm Till" model 503 made by Tucker and Dorsey circa 1875-1876. Research shows that the Tucker Lock #1 was made between 1875 and 1876 , and was used on the earliest models of Tucker Alarm Tills made during those years, which includes the 503 model.
The till is designed for store counter-top use, or for under counter mounting. The till is made of wood with a cast iron alarm bell. The locking mechanism works by reaching under the drawer and using 2 fingers to simultaneously pull the correct combination of levers. The locking is missing a piece I believe because there is something that is supposed to lock the drawer but it isn't there but the bell chimes when the drawer is open unless you pull the lever underneath the drawer.
Each time the drawer is opened a lever pushes on the alarm spring and the bell is rung making an excellent chime unless you pull the lever underneath. Pulling the levers allows the drawer to open farther and reveals another two coin wells that only the person who knows about the levers sees. One of these levers doesn't have a spring that keeps it returned
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