Antique Turkish Mangal or Brazier Pre-19th Century

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You are looking at an Antique Turkish Mangal or Brazier.This Brazier was & is used for cooking or warmth in the Turkish daily & harem life. It is from an old Ottoman family and is a Pre - Nineteenth Century "Suleymaniye" work. It is made of Brass: some patinas, and can be displayed w/out the base tray. Although an Antique, this Brazier still is functional. It appears that the brazier was only developed after charcoal began to be used, and that it was much used from the Medieval period onwards.

This is a very old Brazier but has been upgraded only slightly with a more modern long bolt & nut which hold the Brazier to the Brazier base. This is also held together by a small welding spot in the bottom of the Brazier.

The overall height of this unit is 35" and is 20.5" across. Add 3" when the Brazier sits on the 32" round base. A look at the photos will help in understanding this. The brazier consists of the following:

The tray or tabla placed underneath the vessel to catch sparks The base and body known as the govde or base and ashbowl (hearth) The fire bowl with two handles in which the coals are placed. This can be removed The cover or kapak which covers the firebowl witha a Turkish
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