Antique Turkish Ottoman Dagger Jambija Khanjar

Magnificent 18th Century Turkish Ottoman Dagger Jambija (Khanjar) with a curved steel double-edged blade damascened on both sides in gold with Arabic calligraphy. The gold gilded silver hilt is applied with raised settings of fluted almond-shaped corals and rounded turquoise, the other side is chiseled and repousse with foliage and scrolls. These characteristic daggers were made as a companion piece to the 18th century Ottoman swords Kilig decorated in the same manner; in many museums they are on exhibition as a set. According to Z.Zygulski such luxury weapons were produced in the city of Trabzon, on the Black Sea coast of Anatolia, for wealthy Ottoman aristocracy. For a similar dagger please refer to "TURKISH ARMS" by E.G.Astvatsaturyan, Page 179. Overall length: 31 cm (12 1/4 in). Condition: Genarly in good condition considering its age (Over 200 years old) except for some rust spots on the blade and the absence of some turquoise stones in the settings of the hilt.