Antique US Navy Ships Bell - Cast Iron

United States Navy Ships Bell, Manufactured by Harvard Lock Company. Raised USN lettering on side/front of bell. Harvard Lock company in raised lettering on top of bell. Bell has 9 inch diameter. Round holder is 12 inch circle....stake is 20 inches long below the circle. Not sure, but could be WWII or even earlier. Cast iron(I believe) with very deep and nice ring.....original cracks....nice "rusty" patina. I've seen similar bells auctioned for over $300 and sold out-right for much more !!! Bell is quite heavy......will ship at most reasonable and agreed upon rate. Insurance is a must. A great piece of naval history !!!!!

Please note.................shipping is NOT $2.99 as listed......I will notify of shipping and insurance costs at end of auction. Sorry for the mistake/confusion.
Item is quite heavy.