Antique used jhakri shaman drum, phurba and mala,

This is an authentic, old Nepali shaman's drum, called a dhyangro, phurba and prayer mala, used in healing and trance rituals in the Himalayas, also played at festivals and on auspicious days . size:- drum 10.5 inch diameter, phurba 9.5 inch, mala 14.5 inch.

"Pointing to his dhyangro and using it as a symbol of the jhankri vocation Anirudra says that all of this came from Mahadev, and in the following way Mahadev fell sick and needed someone to blow on him and cure him; so in a dream he gave a mantra and caused a disciple to come down to his aid. Thus Mahadev recovered his health... This first disciple, the one made by Mahadev to cure himself, was a ban-jhankri."
- "Faith Healers in the Himalaya," Casper J. Miller

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