Antique Velvet Cased Heart Sewing Set * Dorcas * C1890

AntiqueVelvet Cased Heart Needlework Set

English * Dorcas Thimble * Circa 1890s

This pretty English needlework box is in the shape of a heart and is made of wood covered with red plush silk velvet. Mother of pearl handled tools include a stiletto, crochet hook, button hook and tweezers. It also has steel scissors, a sterling clad Dorcas thimble, a steel bodkin, a metal needle case and a steel glove hook. The thimble is one of the early sterling silver cased Dorcas models made by Charles Horner and is stamped "PAT" (patent), "9" (size) and "Rd 127211". This registration mark was filed by Horner in 1889 for the Louise pattern. The condition is excellent, in round with no holes or other damage and is about an American size 8.

The matching mother of pearl tools are all in excellent condition with no damage or rust. The scissors have intact points and cut pretty well. The fitted interior of the box is lined in satin and velvet and is all original. The nap of the velvet has very little rubbing and it's in overall great condition inside and out. It closes well with a brass flip down clasp and measures 5 3/4" x 6 1/8".

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