Antique VICTORIA Schmidt CZECH Porcelain Canister Set

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Featured item: Antique VICTORIA Schmidt CZECH Porcelain Canister Set - 1920's - NR!

I'm really proud to present to you this antique porcelain kitchen canister set. I had a chance to see individual pieces of this set time to time but I never saw so large collection. Set includes total 15 canisters, and all with top lids. It comes to you in near excellent condition considering its age. T are only 2 pieces with defects - the ear of one top lid on "Oil" canister is broken, and one of the small lids has crack on the inside - this one is not visible unless lid will be flipped up side down - you can see both defected pieces on the pictures on very bottom of this page. So once again, just two small lids are defected and all other pieces comes in really great, near excellent condition - they show only minor wear, some spots with missing paint but no other cracks or major chips. It is hard to believe that those delicate pieces survived about 80 years and that they are still so well preserved. Please take look on the pictures and read more below.

"Victoria" Schmidt & Co , Stará Role, Czech Republic (Altrohlau, Bohemia, Austria) Victoria - this is the set featured on this auction. All 15 pieces are marked with Victoria Schmidt & Co marks - the mark show Crown rounded with "Victoria"
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