Antique Victorian Ball Ring in 20K gold

This is an Antique Ball Ring in 20K gold from my mother’s personal collection.

Very rare and in good condition, unpolished and just the way I found it. The ring weighs 2.65 grams and is a size 6

I am selling Antique Victorian and Georgian Jewelry that my mother used to both Collect and sell at her store in Chestnut hill PA just outside of Philadelphia. She also sold at “ Kutztown Renninger's” market every weekend for many years as Annes Arts.

They were robbed at gunpoint on the way home one night and lost a lot of valuable and wonderful pieces.

They both really never got over it and it changed their lives forever and she never showed the collection again, it has stayed in the bank vault for over 25 years.

Until now, I have inherited the collection and am selling off some of the pieces.

Most of the pieces are tagged to say what they are.

Why buy antique jewelry you say well I’ll tell you : You see back in the 1800/1900’s they did not have a way to create stones like they do today, So when you buy a piece that is old your getting much better quality materials not mention the awesome workmanship that went in the Old creations.

The Gold is better too as is the Platinum they did not have “electroplating” back then.

Today’s jewelry is made with profit as the driving force,
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