Antique victorian copper GILL grogs measures 1/8 1/4 1/2 set of 3 royal navy (?)

hi there,
up for auction is a set of 3 antique copper GILL measures or cups.
These were used by the royal navy during the 1900's to dish out servings of rum to sailors.
I researched them a bit and it seems that they were made by the royal navy and often stamped RN.
These particular ones have a lead or pewter stamp with a central coat of arms and the letters H & R.
I am not sure if they are british but they are very old.
The handles are seamed on the inside, and attached to the cups with rivets.
You can tell they've been handmade.
really gorgeous patina on them, with slight tarnish on the interior from use and on the bottom exterior of the largest container.
if anyone could provide any more info, i would love to learn more.
included are a 1/8 gill, 1/4 gill and 1/2 gill cup.
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