Antique Victorian Deep Walnut Frame for 8 x 10 Picture

This is a great Victorian walnut picture frame from the 1800s. The opening is just over 8" x 10" so any 8 x 10 inch photo will fit nicely. T's a smaller photo in it now that has matting around it. I expect that photo is original to the frame. The outside measurements of the frame are: 11 1/2" x 13 1/2". It still has the original wooden back. Condition is great. If you have any questions, just ask.

Note: While I'm pretty sure this item will be bought for the frame rather than the photo that's in it, I'm going to share my speculation about the photo. I wonder if she's in mourning, perhaps for a soldier just lost in the Civil War. For one, she's wearing a photo portrait pin of a man at her neckline--despite the fact she's wearing no other jewelry, not even a wedding ring (which were sometimes donated to the cause during the Civil War). Her expression is grim. The dress looks like it could well be a mourning dress. Anyway, for no particular reason I thought I'd add my speculation on the photo. Maybe I'm right, maybe not. Either way, it doesn't really matter--it's a great antique walnut frame.

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This antique walnut picture frame will be packed carefully and
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