Antique Victorian Edwardian Coral Goddess Athena Cameo

This listing is for a gorgeous Antique Victorian/Edwardian carved Coral Cameo depicting Athena, the Goddess of War.
This can be worn as either a brooch/pin or as a pendant. The pendant loop is a fold away so when wearing as a pin it will not be visible. It has a C-Clasp. It measures 1 3/16" long without the bale, and 1 7/16" with the bale. It measures 7/8" wide. I am not certain of it's exact age, but I am guessing it to be in the Victorian/Edwardian era.
I believe this to be a very pale, very light pink (almost white) Coral. I am not an expert at cameo materials, but judging from the colors it seems to be a coral. On the back it is a darker pink in color silhouette of the carving. The carving is extremely well done, from the curls to her well rounded helmet. T is no damage to the front of the cameo. On the back, it has a slight indent - it is not abrupt so I don't believe it is a chip/sliver. Perhaps it was the curve of the shell. I am not too sure. I took an angle picture with no flash (the darker area is the indent), so you'll have to be the judge. It also has a few scratches on the back. Neither minor issues effect the cameo, as you can see it in the light.
On the back of the cameo t is a tiny green spot, at the very very bottom. Cannot be seen when wearing. It probably can be cleaned, but I do not have the
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