Highly Collectable Antique Victorian Silver Very Ornate Tea Pot

Well hello t my friends . . .

I must say, I can not take enough photos to begin to capture the beauty and elegance and the exquisite detail of this highly prized silver tea pot. Now I purchased this at an estate sale and have listed a large matching goblet and matching sugar bowl and creamer. Now as you can see this tea pot is extremely ornate, the owner was able to trace it back as far as 1857. It is silver plate over, I believe pewter, at least the inside appears to be pewter. The owner said it was a Victorian Britannica Tea Pot of which I am not familiar. It measures 10.75" in width including the spout and handle, by the way, note the thumb rest on the top of the handle and the Acorn type nut on the lid. The silver is beautiful, I just removed some of the tarnish and polished it a bit, it is nothing short of dazzling. The pattern is of leaves and vines and flowers and ferns, just look at the handle and spout. It looks to be an 8-cup tea pot. This is the most gorgeous tea pot I have seen listed in a long time, it is highly valued and very much sought after. I do hope you have a splendid week and remember to combine items and save on shipping, take care, Bill.

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