Antique Victorian Rose Gold plt Etched Photo Fob/Pendnt

we have an old antique Victorian pocket watch fob, which could also be worn as a pendant... i hear that is the latest fad among the younger set...and one of which i approve! :) This lovely etched locket was made by the SKM Company, about which i could find no information... but did find other such pieces by them, antique Victorian fobs and such , offered on the net. Ours is a lovely hue of rose gold, and i believe that it is palted and/or filled, as the locket retains so much of its finish. The front cover has an exquisite, intricate design of a floral and fence nature... the detail is incredible to a klutz as myself! The back cover is plain, and suitable for engraving one's initials or name. T is a fancy twisted rope border going around the side. The locket is one of the older ones that opens at the top. Its hinges are in very good condition, and inside we see a place for a photo, complete with frame and plastic insert! Under this is the marking for the 'SKM Co' company, inside its trademark shield cartouche. A bit of smudge on the plastic is from the piece getting wet, perhaps the previous owner attempted to clean the locket without removing the insert first... some greening inside the edges should clean up after a gentle polish and bath... a bit of tarnish on the back cover might clean up ,too, after a polish/cleaning...t is some ... read more