Antique Victorian Velvet Photo Album & Stand

Antique Victorian velvet upholstered photo album with inset oval mirror and stand with drawer. The photo album measures about 11.5 inches by 9 inches, and is about 3 inches thick without photographs. It has 15 two-sided pages that hold 60 photographs in a variety of shapes and sizes including ovals, rectangles, and arched rectangles. The original instructions for inserting photographs are included. Each page is made from cardboard covered with ivory color paper and is bound to the cover with a canvas-like fabric. The pages and photo cut-outs are trimmed with gold.

The padded velvet upholstery has a tan floral pattern with brown outlines on a green background. Each corner of the front cover has a copper-colored copper or brass molding attached, depicting acorns and oak leaves in a triangular design. The inset oval mirror is surrounded by beaded trim in the same metal. The album has a fancy, decorative spring latch which can expand as the album is filled. The back of the album has a hinged metal bracket which fits over the metal stand.

The rolled metal stand has an embossed surface and has a drawer on which the album sits. The stand is about 13 inchs high. The drawer and metal piece swivel so that the stand construction can be laid flat. The wood drawer is partially upholstered, with a decorative ring pull. The remainder

The album and stand are in good to very good condition. The exterior coverings show some wear and fading but are intact. The metal trim has some verdigris and wear. The mirror has some cloudiness but is unbroken. The photo pages are intact and usable but have some tearing and wear. Please refer to the 4 photographs for general appearance and condition. Shipping / packaging will be $15.00.

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