Antique - Vintage 15 Flat Wooden Dovetail Clothespins Small Wicker Woven Basket

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***This is a Small Round Wicker Basket filled with 15 Antique - Vintage Flat Head Wooden Dovetail Clothespins of different styles. On the Flat Heads some have different shaped Heads. They make for a Charming Rustic item to display, a lil basket full of the old clothespins we used to hang clothes with when I was a little girl. Each Clothespin has a nice warm patina to the wood.They are 4" & 1/2" wide & the Basket measures 5 1/4" & 2" deep. The clothespins are weathered and would also be cute on a shelf in a laundry room. I've seen people make Christmas Ornaments out of them. Great for many Craft projects! There are the natural flaws from something so very old but charming. Some of the clothespins have one curve on them, others have 2 curves on each side. Very rare & diff shapes.You might see a minor chip but very few. Enjoy!! ty :) poppy
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